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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Primary Election

There's a primary election on Tuesday, and maybe we'll get some local turnout. If we do, it'll be on the Republican side. My Libertarians have 4 uncontested candidates on the ballot, and the Democrats don't have any serious contests. Ah, but the Republicans!

Statewide, they have an interesting race for the State Auditor nomination. A couple of legislators, a county auditor and at least 1 more person. I wish I knew more about these people, their voting records in the legislature or performance records in their county, so I could decide among them intelligently.

(added Saturday AM) There's also a race for the sacrificial lamb to oppose Ike Skelton forthe 4th COngressional District. I really hope they pick someone besides the their "Harold Stassen" - Jim Noland. Parnell is a strong supporter of the Fair Tax, so that gives him a small plus.

Locally, the County Auditor race (Alice Mistler vs Teresa Collins) is also interesting. While I've met Mistler a couple of times, both of them seem to have decent qualifications. This one may be decided by who has the best connections over in Holden.

The Associate Circuit Judge race between Karl Timmermann and Mary Ann Young is getting quite some attention. As Prosecutor, Young certainly has the name recognition - and some negatives that come with the job. Since the code of ethics pretty much prevents judicial candidates from saying anything except "I'm Qualified," some other committee is running ads on KOKO making sure that everyone knows about Young's negatives. Personally, I'm impressed with what I've seen of Timmerman.

The other contetsted race is for the Prosecutor spot being vacated by Young. Two assistant prosecutors are running against each other - Tom Hendrix (whom I know) is opposed by Lynn Stoppy Brackin (whom I don't).

The other items on the ballot are the 0.1% state Parks & Conservation sales tax and a local 5% cabaret tax (on people who frequent our strip clubs). I already voted, since I'll be out of town on Tuesday. While I voted a Libertarian ballot (& as the LP County Chairman welcome anyone else who does), I fully understand that many libertarian-leaning people will next week want to vote where there's a contest.

So, please read up on these candidates. The Daily Star Journal had a set of articles on them, and I presume the Holden paper did, as well - and possibly papers from neighboring towns close to our border (all available at Trails Library). Also, don't forget to look at the coverage in digitalBurg.com.

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