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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Random Comments

Did you know that E85 ethanol (85% ethanol) is now available in Warrensburg? The Break Time station on South Maguire has added it and it's about 50-60 cents a gallon cheaper than regular or E-10. I wonder how much it'd cost to convert my cars to take E85?

The digitalBurg.com account of Monday night's City Council meeting raised some random thoughts:

I still don't know what the GWACC&VC wanted by asking the City to be a "trustee sponsor" for its events. It appears the City Council didn't want any part of it either, saying, in effect, "don't we give you eough money already?"

On the other hand, the City & County are so afraid of losing a few pennies that they won't give people a break during the state sales tax holiday in August. I'll do my best not to buy anything taxable during those dates (August 4-5-6). Maybe I'll take a trip - to someplace that does give the break, even if I don't buy anything covered.

I hope the consultant hired to prepare a Warrensburg comprehensive plan comes up with something more palatable than the one that came up with the new logo. Any consultant can do no better than the information & guidance provided - garbage-in, garbage-out applies to studies as well as to computers.

Warrensburg goes another year without any real community festival. If you want to see a real festival (& one that doesn't depend on 'adult beverages") visit Clinton's Olde Glory Days, on June 29-July 1. How does a much smaller town like that do such a great festival with the entertainment it provides, while Warrensburg does nothing. Heck, even Leeton & Chilhowee do more than Warrensburg.


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