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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

July 5thThoughts

Have you noticed that E-10 ethanol gas is no longer cheaper than regular? Demand increased as more E-85 stations opened and more consumers decided to take advantage of the lower price of E-10. Increased demand and static supply equals higher prices - it's an immutable law of economics. Normally, additional production comes on line and prices eventually return to competitive levels. However, this doesn't happen when the government meddles - Governor Blunt is going around the state bragging on his new state law to require all regular gas to contain ethanol. He thinks that supply will grow enough in 18 months to meet demand; we'll see about that. I'm well aware of the economic squeeze affecting farmers, but they were doing well enough on building the ethanol market without state "help."

Warrensburg's Zoning Commission approves a replat of one property that was laid out improperly, while the Board of Adjustment is forcing another property owner to tear down part of a garage that was laid out improperly. Application of zoning rules seems to be highly arbitrary, which is a good reason to oppose zoning in the country.

Great fireworks display last night. Good crowd over by the Multi where we watched the show; I heard that not so many people went to crane Stadium (the ballpark) to listen to the concert first. It's supposedly paid for by donation, so I tossed in some money when the contribution box came along - entertainment shouldn't be a function of government (although city and county emergency services were definitely there, just in case).

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