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Friday, June 23, 2006

Gone to the Dogs

Marshall's gone to the dogs while Warrensburg remains half-baked. Yes, the nearby city of Marshall has adopted a new slogan, specifically to encourage tourism - "Smart dogs, friendly folks." This, of course, is based on Missouri's second most famous dog, Jim, the Wonder Dog. Meanwhile, Warrensburg, home to the statue of Missouri's first most famous dog, shuns Old Drum.

Yes, we've had plenty of opportunity to go for the dog-lover niche, but have barked up other trees, instead. Our brand, costing us a lot of dough, was developed under orders to make it "not just the dog" (which obviously meant "don't use the dog"). Somebody decided that our "dog don't hunt" while Marshall obviously has other ideas. So we're going to sit up and beg for tourism while Marshall says "sic 'em."

For years I wrote an annual letter offering ideas to make a dog-themed Old Drum Days festival a real attraction. Maybe Marshall will find the ideas interesting. For more information about what they're doing, see The Marshall News.



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