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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Why I Oppose Zoning

According to an article in the Daily Star Journal (6/26/06), the Warrensburg Board of (zoning) Adjustment decided that a homeowner has to tear off 3.7 feet of his brand new home to meet a technical requirement of the zoning ordinance. Now, this is not a house on a main thoroughfare; it's on a side street in a rather expensive subdivision. The very restrictive homeowners' association said that waiving the "setback" requirement was fine with them. The neighbors weren't upset. City functionaries approved the plans, inspected the footings, the slab and the home. The contractor said it would cost $70,000 to move the garage, city building officials said changing the building would be destructive and that city zoning objectives would not be compromised. Nevertheless, the "Board of Adjustment" exercised its "authority" to enforce the rules without regard to equity. And that's what I fear when county-wide zoning is suggested.

When people make rules, it's easier to enforce them as written than to make rational exceptions. Remember that, you country folks, when someone again suggests that Johnson County ought to have zoning!

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