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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Someone Made a Mistake?

Our Hancock Amendment restrictions on state government spending aren't working as well as some folks would like, so a group put together a petition drive to put even stricter restrictions on the ballot. They had no problem gathering way more signatures than required. But now advocates for unlimited government spending have sued to have the amendment taken off the ballot because of an error in the fiscal note. Who prepares the fiscal note? The State Auditor's office. The functionary who made the "mistake" says yes, he did reverse some tables. Yeah, right.

What a concept! Any time someone submits a petition the powers that be don't like, all they have to do is screw up the fiscal note, then sue to get the petitions thrown out. And I bet there's some reason why the functionary who made the "mistake" can't be fired (or sued by those who spent thousands to get the petitions in).

You take away their money, you take away their power. And we know what power does.

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