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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

When You're Persona Non Grata

I've been persona non grata with the Greater Warrensburg Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center (GWACC&VC) for a long time, due to my tendency to ask hard questions about how they spend the $90,000 per year collected from the room tax (see OldDrum.net/tourtax). Apparently that now extends to my wife, Sandra, as well. Last month, seeing a blurb that the City was looking for volunteers to serve on various boards, she made her name available to serve on the city-appointed board that oversees/advises on use of the room tax dollars. She even offered to join the Chamber if necessary.

Now, she's got some pretty good credentials - 18 years in the tourism (B&B) business, a Master's in Mass Communications, our membership in the Missouri Travel Council, contacts in the Division of Tourism, etc. She's also done a lot of PR for Blind Boone Park, has a monthly tourism program on KOKO, and has sucessfully written up 2 award-winning nominations for state tourism awards (Town of Blackwater and Sandy Irle). Didn't help - she wasn't appointed last night and she's not even gotten a "thank you for your interest" call (if it's in the mail, I'll give them a pass on that part).

My only conclusion is that people who might ask tough questions about the GWACC&VC aren't wanted anywhere near where they can see what's going on.


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