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Saturday, June 10, 2006

What are they up to now?

Two things recently got my attention. One is the County purhase of a large tract of land along US-50 for another industrial park. The second is a little blurb garnered from the DSJ's announcement about Monday's City Council meeting.

On the land purchase, I'm not sure who bought the land, the JCEDC or the County - not that it makes much difference. The Economic Development Corporation is one of those quasi-private outfits that gets money from government and private sources to lure new employers to the area. They supposedly sell the land to these new companies, sometimes putting up buildings "on spec." My questions are these:

1. Where does the money come from to buy land and put up buildings?
2. When a buyer or tenant is found, who gets the money?
3. Does the land (and building) go back on the tax rolls at some point after it is sold?
4. Of the existing industrial park, how much of it is on the tax rolls now? And how much of it is occupied by tax exempt charities and governmental organizations?
5. Do any of the companies in the existing industrial park have any tax abatements or incentives? If so, what are the details (company, type & amount of abatement/incentive, when it expires, taxing districts affected)?

The other item that I noticed was a little blurb that said the Warrensburg City Council would consider a request by the GWACC&VC (Warrensburg Chaber) that the City become a "Trustee Sponsor" of Chamber events. What in the Sam Hill does that mean? I don't know, but I'm always suspicious when the GWACC&VC (which already gets $100K per year from a room tax) wants something from the City.

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