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Saturday, May 06, 2006

CMSU name change

CMSU is considering changing its name to University of Central Missouri. They've provided a website explaining the options. It goes ino a lot of background and detail, but the analysis indicates to me that they will back the change. I have no objection to the new name, and only a couple of reservations.

+ First is that they should pay for it out of donated moeny, rather than taking it from the students (the legislature already said that the annual appropriation can't be used). Since I attended classes in 1986-89, the cost per credit hour has skyrocketed. I paid about $60/hour ($750 per semester) for 12 hours with no charge for addiitonal hours; now it's almost $195/credit hour. So it would be unfair to make the students, who already pay out the nose, pay for something of doubtful real usefulness to them.

+ They're concerned about lack of growth in enrollment as compared to other Missouri universities. Because of its proximity to Kansas City, CMSU has a lot more competition for students than do the other regionals. CMSU admits its pricing strategy hasn't really worked to increase its prestige or population. I don't think a new name will make a significant difference when dealing with supply and demand.

In any case, we all have the opportunity to submit comments on-line. CMSU is important enough to our community that we all ought to make our voices heard.



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