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Sunday, February 12, 2006

More Incentive Needed?

Everyone's laughing about the "Made Fresh Daily" brand and ignoring the rest of the report. Maybe that was the strategy. The report (per published accounts) praised the relationship of the city and CMSU, and said that Warrensburg needs to get closer to Whiteman people and draw them into the city. OK, that's fine. The report is also reported to have said that Warrensburg needs new incentives to get more business here. That's worrysome. "Incentives" is a code word for tax breaks and giveaways. "Incentives" includes such things as TDDs and TIF, eminent domain and other means of taking from the citizens (& thier schools, hospitals, streets, etc.) to give favored developers.

If Warrensburg is so poised for growth and has so many advantages, why do we need to pay businesses to come here? Why shouldn't they pay us, instead, for the opportunity to come here and make a profit? No, that's a disincentive. The best way is to welcome those who want to pay their own way, cutting the red tape and getting extraneous government restrictions out of the way. i.e., let the free market work.

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  • At Wednesday, February 15, 2006 12:30:00 PM, Anonymous Scott Crist said…

    It's really sad to see someone so mis-informed and ignorant about a subject; spouting off about something they know nothing about. However, I guess we have to continue to put up with people like you, as long as the 1st Amendment protects stupidity. I highly recommend that you spend some time at the Chamber offices and educate yourself on the "Made Fresh Daily" brand print. Because, nothing you've stated in your blog is even remotely close to being correct.

    I weep for our country. There are more and more people like you. You volunteer for nothing. You take no initiative to try to make something better. You hide behind your pen and the 1st Amendment. You take the hard work of those who are not afraid to try to make things better and you twist it into your own pitiful existence. You choose to find the negative in everything. I truly feel sorry for people like you.

  • At Wednesday, February 15, 2006 1:19:00 PM, Blogger Bill Wayne said…

    Gosh, Mr. Crist - I had no idea that questioning the 'powers that be' made me such an evil person. You're right about one thing - I only know what I read in the papers on this subject, since I'm not privy to the inner workings of the GWACC&VC & JCEDC as you are. But I do know that people are having their fun with the brand, which may hide the worthwhile research behind it.

    A couple of other points - I was an active member of the Chamber years back until told that I wasn't wanted at a tourism function. Nobody's asked me to come back, either. As to volunteering and contributing - did you ever hear of Blind Boone Park? The Sesquicentennial Heritage Committee? Main Street's downtown walking tour?

    Why don't you try to make a valid argument for your position - certainly the value and morality of business incentives is a worthwhile subject for rational discussion. I'm kind of surprised that someone of your status would rather issue personal attacks on those who have the temerity to question the king's new suit.


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