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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Made Fresh Daily 2

Best I can tell from listening to the radio and reading the DSJ, Warrensburg's new "brand" is the greatest thing since sliced bread. The radio story said it's supposed to show that we're a Holsum® town. The logo even has a Sunbeam® on it. With the new brand, nobody will loaf in their search for new industry, businesses and residents, and they're going to put some real dough behind the effort. Yes sirree, Warrensburg will be a new Wonder®, and those of us who question the effort as half-baked will be labeled as crusty or even heels by those sitting up in the Manor® called City Hall.

I've always worried about what the government has in the oven - maybe it comes from my great-grandfather, who wore the Butternut® and grey. That's why I try, in my writings, to separate the whole wheat from the cracked variety. The brand was unveiled at Thursday night's Roman Meal® where I heard some wry comments by others as we left. Was it a Smart Choice® showing off our Home Pride®? Or is it Nature's Own® mistake? The brand is wrapped and the label slapped on the end; we shall see if the logo serves as the yeast for stronger efforts or if it falls flat on its buns.


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