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Monday, January 09, 2006

City Election, City Website

I was going to remind people of the upcoming end of filing for City Council - whether it's tomorrow or next Tuseday, but I wasn't sure which. The City of Warrensburg website should have the answer, but it doesn't. As a matter of fact, it's not very usable at all, especially if one chooses not to be a slave to Microsoft. The site is virtually unreadable in Opera and the toolbar links don't work in Thunderbird, leaving MSIE as the only usable browser. Content is lacking, as well - I found nothing on the City Council election.

Which brings me to - is ANYONE going to run against Debbie Arwood? Or are we going to allow her to be reelected without any public discussion of the Hawthorne development, tax giveaways, and the Wal-Mart tax. Almost everyone I've talked to is unhappy about the tax. Surely, someone living in the city limits would find it in themselves to step forward and force a discussion on the issue. Or will the lambs remain silent and encourage city administration to continue giving our money to developers?

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