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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Who owns Old Drum?

Last week at the Warrensburg Sesquicentennial banquet, Warrensburg's mayor siad that he'd told the brand-designing consulting firm that he "wanted more than just the dog." That started me thinking about the issue - who really "owns" Old Drum? Warrensburg has claimed him for years, but seems to have relinquished that claim.

Let's see - Old Drum lived and died in the western part of Johnson County. The trial that made him famous was held in the Johnson County courthouse of the time; that courthouse is now a museum owned by the Johnson County Historical Society. Old Drum's official statue is on the lawn of the Johnson County Courthouse. Eureka! Old Drum belongs to ALL of Johnson County!

Now, if Old Drum is property of the county as a whole, rather than just the city of Warrensburg, perhaps the County would like my offer of a free "Brand" that would apply to ALL of us, not just the Burg. "Johnson County, A Doggone Good Place" - add "to live," "to shop," "to build a business" - the possibilities are endless.

How about it, County Commission? Are we going to grab it by the collar and unleash our creative forces, or are we going to let Marshall & Saline County get the jump on us with their Jim the Wonder Dog?


  • At Thursday, February 09, 2006 11:38:00 AM, Blogger Ben Pierce said…

    I like it! Maybe with a space between dog and gone to signify that he has passed (er, was killed).

    After thinking about the three circles of Warrensburg (and dismissing the corollary thought of Dante's circles in hell), I thought... "Why not a Venn diagram with three circles, all overlapping?" The three circles are CMSU, Whiteman and City.

    But that presents a palette problem: CMSU is red, the airforce is blue, and ... Warrensburg?

    We used to be kind of hunter green. Now we are purple. That fits quite well with the red and blue. The overlapping fleur of the three circles would be gold (which is also an airforce color and now is part of the Warrensburg logo).

    At least people are talking about the new design!

    The goal of bringing people together in some way is noble... whether we agree or disagree.

    The real test would be for the town tattoo parlors to run a free "branding" tat special. Then we'd see whether the brand passed the test!


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