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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Made Fresh Daily?

The new and much ballyhooed Warrensburg brand was unveiled tonight, to moderate applause. Made Fresh Daily. Yeah, just like a loaf of bread. The logo even has a little sunbeam on it. I'm disappointed. It's what I was afraid it would be - something non-descript and generic. But, it's not all bad - there's plenty of opportunity for humorists. Remember, businesses are supposed to use it in their advertising...

Would you be confident of dealing with a bank displaying "Made Fresh Daily?" How about shopping at a liquor store or frequenting a bar - might the Revenooers be interested? And I can't imaging a funeral home advertising its services that way. An antique store? Hah!

Of course it does fit certain types of business - too bad we don't have any bakeries or brew pubs. Tomorrow, we'll tell Sharon down at Joy's Donuts that they've finally come up with something to market her!

It's late - plenty more fresh-baked ideas tomorrow.


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