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Friday, February 10, 2006


HELP is the acronym for a local agency to assist the homeless, another agency with good intentions backed by a government grant. And it appears to be another agency that has trouble with oversight and financial controls. The DSJ article says that the bylaws "had been suspended for several months..." A new committee will hire an accountant to review their books and handle their taxes, since they haven't paid their withholding taxes since June.

This isn't the first time a local organization has gotten into trouble because of poor fiannacial oversight by its directors. CASA, which was actually a governmental unit under the courts, is defunct after financial irregularities were discovered. I seem to remember that Survival Adult Abuse got into some real trouble for not paying its payroll taxes. The Sheltered Workshop was a money pit under a previous management; it's now doing more, with less tax money. I reported on all of these earlier episodes and more 3 years ago - see Gadfly 175 and Gadfly 176.

In each of the above cases, a board of some sort was charged with oversight. In each of the cases, the borad memebrs didn't perform. Is the problem peculiar to Johnson County or is it wide spread? Who knows!?

Hey, if you can't (or don't want to) understand the financial activities of your organization, don't join its board.

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  • At Friday, February 24, 2006 3:04:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I was pretty frustrated with "HELP" also. I tried to get them to assist my son and they said they would. It has been over a year now and we still have not received any "help" from them. They continually made promises but we never saw any results.
    In fact, I went to their location with a bill and saw the administrator outside the building. I'm pretty sure she saw me. By the time I got in her office she had dissapeared. The staff thought she was there but she never appeared so I could talk with her. Since it was my lunch hour I went home. I called her office and asked to speak to her. Now mind you, it could have only taken me about 15 min. to get home. She comes to the phone and said she had a doctor's appt. and wondered if I could come back. By then I was fed up. I had to go back to work. I gave the bill to my son, who took it to her. He said she would take care of it. He also said he saw her put it in his file. We never heard another word from her.
    There is something very wrong with this agency. If they are indeed going to help people in need, then they need to do it. Quit giving excuses and promises.
    I could go on and on about some of the things I saw in this "agency" but I will close for now.


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