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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

dB's Hawthorne Interview

I read the digitalBurg.com interview with one of the Hawthorne development's principals. I must say, the developer is getting better at explaining his position - maybe that's from getting lots of practice. It also seems to me that portions of the story keep changing.

Back when the TDD popped out of its hidey-hole and didn't see its shadow, one of the reasons given was that excessive rock caused construction costs to exceed original estimates. We haven't heard that reason restated for quite some time now. Nothing in the original information said anything about the State wanting to close the frontage road by Wal-Mart; while it may be true, it's completely counter-intuitive. Why wasn't that information ballyhooed initially - or is it a result of the other changes proposed under the TDD? And were the members of the small church that is to be cut off allowed input into any DoT decision?

I'm taking anything the developer and the City say with a grain of salt. Meanwhile, we need to reform TDD along with TIF and eminent domain.

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