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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

City Council Stuff

The City Council report in dB (see article) had several interesting items.

City Manager Jeff Hancock reported on the demographics of the "greater Warrensburg" area in conjunction with the Hawthorne development. My question: if there's that much of a market, why do they need a subsidy?

Is the City doing some creative accounting ala Enron? They're going to borrow money from themselves for the sewer project, until they can borrow money from the state? I wish I'd taken a lot more accounting & finance classes when I got my MBA; I didn't know that kind of knowledge would be important just to understand what our governments are doing.

Finally, a proposal is onthe table to make all resale stores, not just pawn shops, identify who they buy stuff from. Pawn shops have systems for keeping records; resale shops don't. I understand that the police would like to more easily track stolen merchandise, but isn't this a bit excessive? Kudos to the Council members who held it up until affected businesses can comment; I expect they'll get an earful.

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