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Friday, April 21, 2006

Back Door Zoning

Shame on you, Shannon Cooper. You've sponsored a bill that will allow counties to shove planning and zoning down their citizens' throats, without a vote of the people. Instead of convincing a majority of the voters in a county that they need zoning, all that would be needed would be 2 out of 3 county commissioners.

Thanks to the Missouri Farm Bureau, I've learned that HB1976, sponsored by Shannon Cooper (R-120, Clinton - also southern Johnson County), actually sneaks in this egregious violation of our right to at least have a say on whether or not some appointed (yes, appointed, not elected) officials control how we use our property. Cosponsors include Rep Todd Smith (R-118, Sedalia), Jim Avery (R-95, Crestwood), Brian Yates (R-56, Lee's Summit), Charles Schlottach (R-111, Owensville), Steve Hunter (R-127, Joplin), Michael Parson (R-133, Bolivar), Ron Richard (R-129, Joplin), Vicki Schneider (R-17, O'Fallon), Kenneth Jones (R-117, California), Tom Dempsey (R-18, St. Charles), Mike Sutherland (R-99, Warrenton), Sally Faith (R-15, St. Charles), Gary Dusenberg (R-54, Blue Springs) and Rodney Schad (R-115, Versailles).

Why would they want to take the power to decide from the people? Why would the Committee on Local Government vote it "Do Pass?" Why do the Republicans want to put property control decisions in the hands of an appointed elite? I don't know, but I do know what citizens of Johnson County should do - tell our State Representative(s) and Senator that WE WANT A SAY!

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  • At Monday, April 24, 2006 8:21:00 PM, Anonymous Ray James said…

    Who is the County? Is it not the people who live in the political jurisdiction who make up the county?
    Are the commissioners elected representatives of the people? Do we live in a Representative Democracy or must every law be put before the people for a vote.
    Why do we have Congressman ,Senators, State Represetatives? Why not have the voters vote on each and every law? While we are at it lets get rid of them all. Set a number (percentage) of voters that must sign a petition before it is placed on the ballot. Only laws that gather 75 percent of the votes pass. Direct rule by the people. Sounds good but absolutly nothing would ever get done.
    Johnson County currently has Planning and Zoning. Yes it is true. Look at the County Web site under Planning Zoning. Part of the county is Zoned.
    Where was the Farm Bureau and the outcry when that was being implemented without a vote of the people?
    I understand that the county considered and rejected zoning several years ago. It is now 2006 and the population is over 50,000.
    We now have many new and old citizens that take issue with the new junkyard in Montserrat, the old junkyard in LaTour and the mountain of trash at the Spring Branch Trailer Park.
    I for one am ready to sign a petition to have planning and zoning put on the ballot and vote for it.
    I am also ok with the County Commissioners listening to the voters and deciding the issue.
    As for the appointed board the commision still has to approve the actions and the Courts are available to those that still disagree or feel that something was unfair. As for Representaive Cooper, he is sponsoring legislation that this voter asked him for. I have and will continue to vote for Shannon to be my representative in this Representative Democracy.

  • At Tuesday, April 25, 2006 6:26:00 AM, Blogger Bill Wayne said…

    Ray - The last time zoning appeared ont he ballot it failed to pass in a single precinct. 70% of the voters opposed it (including over 90% in that part of Johnson County now in Rep. Cooper's district).

    I object to is giving the County Commissioners, elected on a totally different set of issues, the right to cram county-wide zoning down our throats without a mandate from the people.

    If you and all these other new people want zoning, get that petition started. You only need a bit over 1000 signatures (5% of the 2004 county-wide vote for governor).


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