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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Zoning Update #11

We have only 6 weeks until the zoning election. The anti-zoning committee Johnson Liberty is raising funds for signs, bumper stickers, door hangers and ads. I have painted out the date of the 1997 election on 31 large signs stored in my barn - they're ready to add the new date & hit the streets.

I've added a "Zoning Facts" page to OldDrum.net and updated the Johnson County Libertarian Party's participation in anti-zoning efforts.

Meanwhile, we've learned that some people are passing out a rumor that zoning will be mandatory if Johnson County reaches 1st Class County status. That's not true - the specialist attorney hired to advise the temporary P&Z commission stated that to the group.

Please, if you want to preserve your liberty, pick up some fliers at Affordable Tax Service or at Joy's Rise & Shine Donuts, and pass them out to your friends & neighbors. Campaign contributions are always welcome.


  • At Sunday, February 22, 2009 8:13:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    As a recent victim of the Cass County "zoning war", I'd like to add bit from our experience. We are small business owners, we run a business off of our farm. We are state licensed and inspected. All was well. But having planning and zoning is basically a opportunity for local government to grab more power. Our planning & zoning department sent a letter telling us how we would run our business, what hours we would work and several other things. This was all stuff the state never had tried to impose. Not just our small business, but all others in the same business received the same letter. So we ended up going to a lot of commissioners meetings. One of the comments that sticks with me was "We have to weigh the rights of the property owner against the rights of his neighbors". HELLO??? WHO paid for the land? WHO pays the taxes? WHO works it? yet, in the commissioner's minds, the neighbors have equal rights to decide what you can do with your property. And rather than neighbors working it out, the commissioners & P&Z see it as THEIR role to determine HOW it is to be solved. P&Z determines what you are allowed to do with your land. In fact one person had the head of P&Z tell him "I'll tell you what you can do with your land". The only way we ended up coming out ok was they started this stuff in an election year. A lot of people worked really hard to get the candidate that supports freedom and individual rights elected. I actually was thinking about moving to Johnson Co. You have a great Sheriff, and no P&Z.
    I guess I would say, save yourselves while you can. If you get P&Z in there it will be a lovely club to beat people over the head with. You will find you alone no longer own your land. Not to mention the revenue P&Z will try to generate by fines.
    Vote for freedom & liberty.


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