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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Zoning Update #10

Now that they've certified zoning for the ballot, it's time to get to work opposing it. I understand that a campaign committee is being formed; the site JohnsonLiberty.com has information on 13 reasons why you should vote against zoning. I'll add a few more:

- if you're somehow missed, you have a year to get it straightened out - the administrator may waive the fee (if he feels like it).

- It won't clean up anything - trashy trailers, raw sewage (they already have an ordinance about that), etc. There's nothing in the plan on enforcement of the rules.

- The County is really, truly broke. The officeholders are in a squabble because some have followed direction and cut their employees to 35 hours a week, while others have ignored the request. The County Commission seems to be blowing off the complaints. Interestingly, the officeholders who complied are all female, and the ones who didn't are male. See the Daily Star Journal website for stories & editorials.

Too bad we were put into this position by a scam, the temporary P&Z Commission was forced to waste it's first 6 months without any support from the County, and the plan was rushed through without adequate public input along the way (at least that's what I've heard around town) to save the cost of a separate election.


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