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Friday, January 16, 2009

Zoning Update #9

Everything is in place for a vote on April 7th. I ask anyone who wants to help defeat the zoning to contact me. I will have more info on what it does & doesn't do shortly.

BTW, I was buttonholed by 3 commission's officers and asked if I was going to oppose the issue; my answer - "But of course." They tried to dissuade me, then asked that I stick to facts. I will - but I told them there are other committees and I can't control what they say.


  • At Monday, January 19, 2009 3:51:00 AM, Anonymous Kevin Baker said…

    I guess you read my letter to the editor in the Daily Star-Journal, and Mr. Doll's "clarification". It was interesting to me that he failed to mention anything about Missouri Dept. of Health Rule 19 CSR 20-3.060 and how it affects P&Z, and how JoCo Commissioners failed to abide with the regulations of a state agency when they implemented thier lot size regulations. It is also interesting to me how there has been a failure on all fronts to even mention what the USDA ASCS or MU Extension has said about the soil types and morphology of Johnson County. (I know your background makes you familiar with this, and you know about the difficulties with soils "perking" adequately for small site septic systems.) Count me in on helping, however I can.


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