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Monday, March 27, 2006

A Scary Poll

I've been following the results of the current informal poll at digitalBurg. It seems that a majority of those participating think that government has the right to ban smoking where-ever government and anti-smoking zealots please. That's scary.

Why is it scary? First, it says that government knows best for you. That's a common problem among those who think that governemnt has to keep people from doing things that may be bad for them. It's intrusive, it's excessive.

Second, it says that anti-smoking zealots will slant things (such as stacking a poll) to get it to turn out as they want it. That's an "ends justify the means" aproach.

I don't smoke and I prefer to patronize non-smoking establishments. I don't allow smoking in my own business. I fully support voluntary limits on smoking. I support the government, acting as an employer, when it bans smoking on its own premises. I do not support government meddling in the private lives of those who want to indulge in this particular form of stupidity just because soemone else on the street may be offended.

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