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Monday, March 20, 2006

TDD Abuse is Epidemic!

If you haven't read the dB article on the state audit of Transportation Development Districts, do so now! Our local $6,000,000-plus TDD is just a drop in the $800,000,000 bucket of taxes impsoed without a vote of any real citizens, just that of the retail developers who benefit from the tax.

Isn't this sort of thing why we voted the Hancock Amendment? How did our legislators decide that people who pay the tax can't vote on it? Isn't it time to do something to stop this abuse?

The City Council election in Warrensburg is only 2 weeks away. Your choices are the incumbent who supported the Hawthorne TDD (the extra 1/2 cent you pay every time you visit Wal-Mart) or a relatively unknown individual who says she opposes the tax. I certainly hope she gets a chance to bring her issues to the public, now that absentee voting has already opened.

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