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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Political Cronyism

The Missouri Tourism Commission caved to Gov. Blunt and named a totally dubiously politician as Director of the Missouri Tourism Commission. According to a press release (see the link here), former 3-term State Rep Blaine Leutkemeyer got the job. Leutkemeyer runs an insurance agency in the hinterlands of Miller County at St. Elizabeth (pop. 297).

The Tourism Commission was initially reluctant to appoint Leutkemeyer, preferring instead someone with 25 years experience in the tourism industry. Gov. Blunt exercised some muscle by not reappointing the (Republican) chairwoman of the Commission, Rae Ann Pressley of Branson's Presley entertainment family, replacing her with the wife of a big-time contributor from SW Missouri.

My take? I'll be darned if I'll vote for a Republican with any direct association with Gov. Blunt. Every once in a while I get tempted to skip my Libertarian nominee in a tight race, but forget about that now. I wonder how many tourism industry folks are going to change their political contribution pattern?

I wonder why the Republicans at state and national levels have been so inept in generating public support for their programs (except when it comes to pork barrel spending); this is another prime example.



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