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Saturday, September 23, 2006

"Economic Development"

Yep, it appears it's full steam ahead for the "economic development" folks here, at least if the stories in the DSJ and digitalBurg.com are authoritative.

The Warrensburg Economic Coordinating Board wants to "educate" students and military that they should report themselves as local residents in the 2010 census (yes, I wrote more about that article in another post). From my experience, military generally do complete the census where they're permanently stationed; if they're on temporary duty (TDY), then they're likely to report their residence as their home station. Students are often transitory, as well, and they may just wish to promote their home towns instead of Warrensburg. A lot of the students are communters, anyway. What I don't understand is what retail businesses are so short-sighted as to not take into account the large semi-transitory population here? Industrial entities are a different sort; they need established non-transitory workers and students or military don't fill those needs. Ironic, isn't it, when the Warrensburg brand emphasizes the local population turnover - "Made Fresh Daily."

Meanwhile, the Johnson County Economic Development Corp. is going to have an out-of-town consultant prepare a "road map" to gain development. It's the usual stuff - figure out where we are and what we want to do - couched in the argot used by consultants. At least this is only costing $7,500; Warrensburg spent $60,000 to come up with a slogan that has to be explained to people (who are left with that glazed look on their faces after said explanation).

{An aside -I wonder why we have to go out of town to get consultants. Doesn't Warrensburg have enough brains here to come up with a plan written in language everyone can understand? Or is it the need to get someone outside so no local person or organization gains or loses status?]

Meanwhile, west of town in the little town of Centerview, an area entrepreneur is promoting his biomass energy project in the brand new industrial park being created there. Whle I'm sure there's bound to be some public money involved, it appears that this project is being driven by a private enterprise. Good for them!

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