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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Another move toward zoning?

According to the 9/22 DSJ, the Warrensburg Economic Coordinating Board wants to "educate" students and military that they should report themselves as local residents in the 2010 census. Seems they think that prospective businesses don't take those folks into acocunt when estimating if they can make money by locating here.

Buried deep in the article, however, was this statement: "Hudson cited the need to have some level of legal control over development around the Highway 13 Bypass area which is scheduled to start construction once the right of ways have been completed." Essentially, they want to hire a lobbyist to lobby the legislature to give them that control. If they can just get county zoning, state law would allow them to have that control without having to annex or provide services to the area. If they can get the legislature to let them set up a zoning area without a vote (like was done for the Knob Noster area), they'll have exactly what they want - control with no responsibilities.

Come on, folks. Those will be high-value intersections and will attract businesses that can generate money. If you want to control what goes there, annex the area - and provide services to it! Meanwhile, we'll be watching for more zoning shenanigans.

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