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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

County Commission Report

Hah! You thought I'd forgotten about my duty to explore & expose. Not likely, just wasn't much to say. However, I just read the County Commission's brag session in the DSJ and think it's time to comment.

They bragged on the new Central Dispatch facility. The facility is a good start and will help emergency rspose, but it will never be fully effective until it also can locate cell phone callers.

They bragged, and justifiably so, on their purchase of the old Wyatt Oil bulk station to take over their own fueling. If they average $25,000/month in fuel costs, with their savings they paid off the land in just a few months. It's nice when the government can actually be more efficient when it brings a function in-house, but one does have to feel a bit sorry for the small businesses who will no longer sell gas to the county.

They bragged on their road paving program, moaned about the jail situation, and discussed the on-going investigation of the accounts of the previous Recorder of Deeds. Then they talked about problems occasioned by population growth, specifically rural residential sewage disposal. Eastern Commissioner Scott Sader was quoted as saying "There's a lot of areas where it [sewage] is running out into the roads." Uh, haven't we heard that before? Wasn't that the main reason given by supporters of the 1997 zoning proposal - the one we voted down by over 70%?

That's over 8 years, we had a specific problem cited with suggested solutions outside of zoning, and we still have a problem? A few years ago, we were told that there was a problem with the Prosecutor going after those identified as violating state sewage disposal laws (see Gadfly 123). On behalf of the late & lamented Warrensburg Free Press, I interviewed the current commissioners as candidates in 2002 and 2004, and they all talked about the problem (see Index to interviews). I wonder why nothing's been done yet? There are bound to be ways to cite the owners or residents of those polluting public property or their neighbors - without violating anyone's property rights.

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