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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

City Council reporting

After reading both the digitalBURG and the DSJ reports on Monday's City Council meeting, I think I know what went on.

Both covered the issues raised by Main Street relating to the conversion of the historic Opera House into apartments, but hte DSJ used a lot more ink. The developer wants to put in 45 apartments and not provide parking; Main Street wants to preserve ground floor retail business and general customer parking downtown. Main Street propsoed a highly bureaucratic system to approve such conversions; the developer wants no controls at all. My own thoughts are rather simple here - if apartments take public parking for private use, then they're taking property rights from downtown businesses. I addressed this earlier in Gadfly 311.

On another item, digitalBURG provided a key detail that the DSJ glossed over. The city is paying $5,000 dues to the Pioneer Trails Regional Planning Commission. This is the outfit that was set up under government blackmail so the 4-county region could get highway projects. The RPC promptly went about expanding its activities and hiring additional staff, then found it was broke and needed to raise dues. My suggestion? Get rid of all the extras and concentrate on why we're forced to belong to it - highways. I wrote about this issue in the Gazette last May and again in September.

Again, thanks to digitalBURG.com for giving us details that the DSJ doesn't deem fit to print.

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