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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sewer bonds pass

Warrensburg's $21.7 million sewer bond issue passed by a large margin. 10.1% of the eligible voters said YES, 2.3% said NO, and 87.6% said "Whatever." There was a determined effort to get out the YES vote and there was no organized oposition.

I don't know why people don't vote on issues such as this. A few years ago when the ambulance district was formed, some directors won while receiving the votes of fewer than 10% of the voters in their district. People don't understand (or don't care) that these small elections for bonds, school board members, etc., can affect one's individual pocketbook much more than most elections faturing statewide or national candidates. Sometimes, we're taxed without even getting to vote on the issue (see the so-called Wal-Mart tax to benefit the Hawthorne development), so why skip the opportunity to have one's say?

By the way, had I ben eligible to vote on the sewer bonds, I would have voted YES. My basic Libertarian principles aren't offended when users, rather than taxpayers, pay the bill.

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