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Friday, November 04, 2005

Warrensburg sewer bond issue

In my last letter to the Warrensburg Gazette, I accused the city of running a stealth election. I was a bit too early, as the local media blitz kicked off on Monday, 10/31. That's the problem with writing for a weekly paper, which the blog format avoids.

I think that the sewer bond issue is justified, as it will be paid by user fees rather than taxes and is a legitimate government function. It is unfortunate that the City muddied the issue by approving the 1/2 cent "Wal-Mart tax" to benefit the Hawthorne commercial subdivision, as that has riled up quite a few folks. We shall see on Tuesday, 11/8.

After all the financial reports are in, I'll take a look at where the money for the media ads came from and see if there's any indication of illegal campaigning by the City.

[Note: The letter mentioned was not printed in the 4-page final edition of the Gazette].

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