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Monday, September 13, 2010

Warrensburg's "Social Justice Film Festival"

In addition to the various other reports (links below), Sandra attended some of he events associated with the festival. Here's her report:

More on the film festival: I have to speak up here. I see the word "craft" show pertaining to the festival. Obviously, some of the "invited" attendees including those associated to the film group, might have been at the film screenings and not attending the craft show. However, I was at the Showcase, Black Lot, and E. Culton St., locations. Friday, 12:30 PM no crafters. Only someone selling candles, hospital, a tourism representative of northern Missouri, etc., but no, no crafters. Do not know what happened at that location - the sign to find the location behind the old theater location had blown around and no one checked on it - hired employees, I heard 20 needy individuals would be hired in order to meet the grant specifications. Most were standing by entrance door smoking, cigarette butts around the front entrance. Remember, I was only there for a few minutes. Saturday, went back to the location and ran into unhappy individuals: candle person, really upset tourism person (not Warrensburg), book seller who said she had no visitors at her table but me, and the EMT fellas who were very happy to talk to someone. And, some of those hired employees were doing nothing next to a table over-loaded with teeshirts of the event. Maybe, as time goes by, I can pick me up a Festival teeshirt for 25cents at a local thrift shop. The so-called art show at the E. Culton St. location was exhibit by a husband and wife and the toilet was over-flowing. He said I was the only one visiting on Saturday, about 1:30PM.

No one outside 6 local folks, myself, a Hist. Soc., volunteer and Lisa were at the Hist. Soc. for the film of the play at the Hist. Soc. However, I left, went downtown and saw 4 adults and one dog at the Old Drum statue. The dog looked like Old Drum, and the group were trying to read out loud the speech below Old Drum's paws. Quickly, I went up to them and told them to go to the Hist. Soc. and courthouse for the film of the Old Drum story and their dog was invited. They were tourists and no idea where the Old Courthouse was. They took off for the courthouse to watch the film. In going home, I felt I had contributed to promoting Warrensburg and didn't need any Film Festival to do it.

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