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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Libertarian Candidates

The Libertarian Party has a list of candidates for national, state & local office. If you are concerned about the two "major" parties' failure to support our civil and economic liberty, please vote for Libertarian candidates.

  • For President - Bob Barr - GA

  • For Vice President - Wayne Allyn Root - NV

Statewide Candidates
Congressional Candidates
Missouri Legislative Candidates
State Representative

  • District 18: John R. Alsup, St. Charles
  • District 39: Lance Weber, Kansas City
  • District 54: Bobby Foster, Blue Springs
  • District 55: Kevin Parr, Grain Valley
  • District 59: Michael J. Peters, Jr., St. Louis
  • District 69: Julie Stone, St. Louis
  • District 154: Larry S. Busby, Poplar Bluff
  • District 158: Robert Roland, Cape Girardeau
  • Zoning update #3

    Things are moving along (unfortunately). I've started posting the minutes of the meetings at OldDrum.Net in order to give folks a better chance to see what's going on. Please stay informed!