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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

What's so hard about asking?

"No answer to question on jail bond spending" article in DSJ

I supported the jail tax issue on the assumption that NONE of the money would be used for current expenditures until the bonds were paid off. Now, it appears the County Commission will siphon off $160K per year. That isn't what we voted for.

Our County Auditor, who was swept aside in the November Republican landslide, asked our county officials to get an Attorney General's opinion on the legality of this diversion. They wouldn't do it. She asked our local State Representative to request the opinion - he didn't think it was worthy of asking.

Think about it - if they can take $160K this year, what's to prevent them from taking as much as they want, as long as the bonds are paid off in 25 years? Did Mr. Brenner pull off a final bait and switch before leaving office? Do the current commissioners & our State Representative have a reason for stonewalling the request? Do any of them even have a clue what this looks like?


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