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Monday, January 25, 2010

What's the city up to now?

After the City of Warrensburg decided it wanted to micromanage bars & restaurants by passing a smoking ban that's not effective for a year, now they want to micromanage our trash collection. It's just too inefficient to let people make their own decisions about when they want their trash picked up, so the city is considering telling citizens who they must choose to be their haulers. Never mind if it creates a monopoly, raises costs (which follows from a monopoly) and puts people out of business.

I'm told the reason is that "they" don't like multiple trash haulers on the same street - it tears up the streets. Then, talking to an insider, it appears that the main culprit who won't cooperate on scheduling, etc., is the largest corporate hauler. Now, who would have the advantage in a bidding process? The big corporate hauler (duh!) who has the resources to bid in at a loss until the other folks are out of business.

It's working just fine now. We have actual free market competition. All we need to screw everything up is a little government interference.